In this research group, our focus lies on understanding the interplay of fluid dynamics and heat transfer of droplets and other multi-phase systems. Practical applications of interest are additive manufacturing, phase change heat transfer for thermal management and thermal storage, and droplet interactions with biological systems. To fundamentally study these thermal-fluidic interactions, we combine multiple experimental techniques, such as high-speed optical and infrared (IR) imaging, interferometry, confocal fluorescence microscopy, and conventional heat transfer measurements.

Current projects include the characterization of melt pool dynamics during metallic 3D printing, dropwise condensation heat transfer on lubricant-infused surfaces (LIS), droplet impact and heat transfer dynamics on various engineered surfaces, and the development of a thermal heat switch. For more information on projects, please see here.

We are currently looking to hire 1-2 PhD students.

We are also always looking for interested and motivated undergraduate students to participate in our research efforts.

3 students receive NSF Graduate Fellowship


CONGRATULATIONS!! Three current and former lab members received the prestigious NSF Graduate Fellowship Award: current rotation student Dean Ryan-Simmons, former undergraduate researcher Angelo Hawa, and former summer intern Jillian Anderson.

6 students join lab


We have 6 students join the lab this Spring: Dean, Amir, and Abenezer will be doing their Spring rotation (PhD), Xitong will start with research for her MS thesis, and Kiersten and Steve are doing an independent study. Welcome to the lab (which will be way more crowded that in this picture – that’s what the space is for)!

Jianxing's paper published in Langmuir


Jianxing’s paper on the influence of lubricant viscosity on nucleation dynamics and droplet movement during condensation on lubricant-infused surfaces (LIS) was published in Langmuir. Congratulations!

Lab showcased at Jubel celebration

PhD students Jianxing Sun and Junhui Li (pictured) presented their work to the Jubel Family and Spartan Light Metal board members and explained the positive impacts the makerspace has on their research projects.

Hailey Hayes joins group


Hailey joins us this semester as PhD rotation student – welcome!!


Junhui's paper published


Congratulations to Junhui: His paper on droplet/bubble dynamics and heat transfer during low-Weber number droplet impact was just published in Experimental Thermal Fluid Sciences.


Two undergraduates join lab


Kiersten Horton and Vanessa Wergin are joining us through undergraduate summer research programs (Vanessa via REU and Kiersten via WUSEF). Welcome to the lab!!

Shawn Pavey joins as rotation student


Shawn Pavey joins the lab as PhD research rotation student. He will be working on a pore-scale fluidic and thermal characterization of liquid-liquid two-phase flow through porous media. Welcome!

Patty receives NSF CAREER award


Patty received a 5-year NSF CAREER award on the topic “Understanding thermal phase change processes in metal additive manufacturing“. For more information, see here (NSF) or here (McKelvey).