Phase Change Heat Transfer

Heat transfer involving phase change (liquid -> vapor or vapor -> liquid) has among the highest heat transfer rates due to the latent heat of phase change. In this research group we focus on phase change phenomena on micro- and nanostructured surfaces. We currently study boiling and condensation on lubricant-infused surfaces, as well as thin film evaporation of micro-droplets in collaboration with Drs. Mark Meacham and Damena Agonafer from WashU.

Droplet Impact Dynamics

Droplet dynamics during impact on a solid surface are complex and very diverse. Using high speed optical and infrared (IR) imaging, we study the interplay of droplet dynamics and heat transfer during droplet impact on various surfaces. We are currently investigating the splashing behavior of droplets on superhydrophobic and bi-philic surfaces, and are developing a setup for 3D droplet impact imaging. We are furthermore interested in developing new techniques to manipulate droplet dynamics during and after impact.

Electronics Cooling and Thermal Circuits

Increasing power densities of electronic components impose increasing thermal loads in electronic systems. In this research group we focus on high heat flux cooling as well as thermal routing using surface engineering and external fields. In collaboration with Drs. Mark Meacham, Xuan (Silvia) Zhang, and Damena Agonafer from WashU we are developing a micro heat exchanger for high heat flux dissipation. We are also exploring the use of graphene and other 2D materials and surface structures for thermal management and passive liquid supply.