Shuo Wang, Ph.D. [CV]
Associate professor
Email: shuowang@wustl.edu

Shuo got his Ph.D. in Computation and Neural Systems from the California Institute of Technology in 2014, and did his postdoctoral research at the California Institute of Technology and Princeton University before joining the faculty at West Virginia University in 2017. His lab moved to Washington University in St. Louis in 2021. His research interests revolve around visual saliency, attention, and face processing, and he also has a strong interest in autism research. He employs an array of neuroscience methods, including psychophysics, eye tracking, intracranial electrophysiology, fMRI, EEG, and computational modeling.

Runnan Cao, Ph.D.
Staff scientist
Email: r.cao@wustl.edu

Runnan studies single-unit correlates of face and object perception in humans. She also uses functional neuroimaging to study face perception. Runnan received her Ph.D. from Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Chuanbo Hu, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Scholar
Email: chuanbo.hu@mail.wvu.edu

Chuanbo conducts a geographic mapping study of stroke patients in West Virginia and he also studies autism behavior using computational approaches.

PUNEETH Chakravarthula, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Scholar
Email: puneeth@wustl.edu

Puneeth employs human single-neuron recordings and eye tracking to understand the interplay between attention and memory. Puneeth also conducts in silico experiments with DNNs to study the computational principles underlying face perception. Puneeth received his Ph.D. from UCSB in 2022.

JERRY (xiangxu) Yu, ph.d.
Postdoctoral Scholar
Email: xiangxu@wustl.edu

Jerry studies autism behavior from videos using multimodal computational approaches. Jerry received his Ph.D. from UT Austin in 2022.

yue wang, ph.d.
Postdoctoral Scholar
Email: xiangxu@wustl.edu

Yue employs multimodal approaches to study neural face and object perception. Yue received her Ph.D. from Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Jie zhang, ph.d.
Postdoctoral Scholar
EMail: zjie@wustl.edu

Jie investigates the neural circuits underlying visual attention. Jie received her Ph.D. from Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Mindi Ruan
Graduate Student
Email: mr0114@mix.wvu.edu

Mindi is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science. He analyzes human behavior from videos using deep neural network.

wenqi li
Graduate Student
email: wl00021@mix.wvu.edu

Wenqi is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science. She analyzes autism videos using computer vision and machine learning.

yilin li
graduate student
email: liyilin@wustl.edu

Yilin is a Ph.D. student in Biomedical Engineering. She investigates single-neuron correlates of memory in the human brain.

Daniel Gray
Research coordinator
Email: drgray@wustl.edu

Daniel is the research coordinator of the lab. He recruits and facilitates testing of participants with autism.

Amber li
Lab Volunteer
Email: li.amber235@gmail.com

Amber is a lab volunteer. She helps with various projects in the lab. Amber is going to study at Cornell University in Fall 2022.

Lab Alumni

Paula Webster (postdoctoral scholar)

Rakibul Hasan (graduate student)

Jacob Suffridge (graduate student)

Jinge Wang (graduate student)

Na Zhang (graduate student)

Kingsly Jonathan (undergraduate student)

Savannah Hays (undergraduate student)

Sonia-Frida Ndifon (undergraduate student)