For decades, our lab has helped pioneer the development of cutting-edge brain mapping software tools:

  • Connectome Workbench is the key visualization and analysis tool for ‘HCP-style’ studies.
  • The BALSA repository shares extensively analyzed datasets (e.g., published figures) organized into ‘scenes’ and ‘scene files’
  • ConnectomeDB shares raw and preprocessed data from the Young Adult Human Connectome Project.
  • HCP Pipelines and NHP Pipelines enable state-of-the-art preprocessing and analysis of human and nonhuman primate HCP-style neuroimaging data.
  • The HCP-users mailing list is a forum for users of our software tools, data products, and imaging databases to get advice and ask questions.
  • MRI scanner protocols for Young Adult HCP, Lifespan HCP, and NHP
  • Qu|Nex containerization of HCP pipelines
  • Legacy software – Caret (precursor to Connectome Workbench), SumsDB (precursor to BALSA)