We collaborate with many research teams and projects who share experimental data and complementary expertise, including:

to tackle big questions in systems neuroscience:

Parcellation: What are the fundamental neuroanatomical subdivisions of the brain? How does the organization of brain areas differ across individuals?

Connections:  How are brain areas connected—what is the ‘wiring diagram’ that richly interconnects them? How does brain wiring differ across individuals? 

Evolution: How have brain areas and connections changed between humans and non-human primates over the course of evolution?

Methods: How can we better analyze brain images to solve novel scientific problems and better visualize and share brain imaging and related data?

Development: Why and how does the cerebral cortex get its folds? Why do they differ across individuals?

Clinical Translation: How can we use our brain maps and tools to solve clinical problems in neuroradiology?

The HCP_MMP1.0 Cortical Parcellation