I am deeply committed to undergraduate and graduate education. I enjoy teaching courses that allow me to draw on expertise I have developed from my research, which centers on how people navigate American politics. I teach courses on political psychology, political behavior, and social media and politics.

My approach to teaching is guided by three fundamental goals. First, I aim to foster the development of critical thinking skills. Second, I seek to prepare students to achieve their academic and professional goals by giving them opportunities to enhance the skillsets that support these endeavors. Third, I strive to promote an inclusive classroom in which students of all backgrounds are comfortable engaging with me, one another, and the course material as a whole.

Teaching truly is one of my greatest joys. Because I value my role as an educator, I regularly seek opportunities to improve. Beyond taking my course evaluations seriously, I participated in the New Faculty Teaching & Learning Seminar at WashU and was selected to participate in the Information Literacy Learning Community. Encouraging students to achieve their goals and think about the world in a new way fuels my desire work in this profession. By helping students enhance their critical thinking skills and develop desirable post-graduation skills, in an inclusive learning environment, I hope to give my students even a fraction of what they give me.

Courses at WashU

Courses at UCSD