Undergraduate Courses

 Comparative Literature

“Refugees: Displacement and Asylum in World Literature”

Global Studies 

“Global Futures”

“War, Migration, and Human Rights”

“Global Population on the Move: Refugees, Resettlement, Education, and Advocacy”

“Migration in the Global World: Stories”

“The Holocaust in the Sephardic World”


Storytelling: From Oral Traditions to Radio Ambulante

“Afterlives, Ghosts, and Haunted Places”

“Cultural Studies: Cien años de soledad

“Cultures of Migration”

“Children of War”

“Mediterranean Cultural Studies”

“One Big Ghost Story: Memory and Trauma in Twentieth Century Spain”

“Spanish Literature II”

“Spanish American Literature II”

“Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Literature”

“All about Spanish Cinema”

Spanish Language Courses (Advanced Levels)

Graduate Courses

Comparative Literature

“Colonial Memories, Postcolonial Crossings, and Spanish Cultural Studies”

“Reading the “Right to Have Rights.” Borders, Mobilities, and Memories”


Hispanic Studies

“Memory, Mobility, and Space in Contemporary Spain”

“The Spanish Civil War”

“1001 Travelers’ Tales: Exile, Immigration and Memory in Contemporary Spain”

“Contemporary Spanish Novel”

“All about Spanish Cinema”

“Mediterranean Cultural Studies”

Doctorate in Liberal Arts

Haunting the World: Refugees in Literature and Film