Our city will surprise you.

Here you’ll find charming neighborhoods, vibrant cultural and culinary scenes, and plenty of fun for nature-lovers and urbanites alike – all packed into an incredibly affordable city.

The Dis-O Guide: By students, for students

The student-written Dis-Orientation Guide has tons of perspectives and tips on living in St. Louis. Look for a print copy in your mailbox, or explore the guide online.

Below we’ve linked to St. Louis sections of the “Dis-O”…


  • Neighborhoods we live in
    The medical campus is centrally located in the city of St. Louis, within a quick commute of many neighborhoods each with their own history and character. 
  • Apartments around campus
    Students share photos, rent, walk time, and other details about some of the apartments close to campus.

More videos: Apartment tours


  • Arts, attractions and day trips
    See some of our students’ favorite places to take guests or enjoy a free Saturday. Top spots include live music, sculpture parks, wineries, art fairs and float trips.
  • Athletics and keeping active
    St. Louis offers tons of opportunities for playing sports, watching sports and staying active, from boxing and basketball to paragliding and rock climbing.
  • Bars and nightlife
    You don’t have to look far to find fun. Students share favorite spots for a date night and the best bars to dance the night away.
  • Fairs and festivals
    St. Louisans typically love a good party, once pandemics are a thing of the past. In the normal year repertoire are The Loop Ice Festival, Soulard Mardi Gras, Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Run, St. Louis Marathon, Earth Day Festival, Art Fair at Laumeier, Shakespeare Festival, PrideFest St. Louis, Circus Flora, Whitaker Jazz Festival, Fair St. Louis (July 4-timed), St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival, Let Them Eat Art, Festival of Nations, Big Muddy Blues Festival, Annual Japanese Festival, St. Louis Art Fair, Great Forest Park Balloon Race, Annual Best of Missouri Market, St. Louis International Film Festival.
  • Food and dining
    St. Louis chefs have put this city on the foodie map. You’ll find something for every occasion, palette and budget.


  • Clubs and Extracurriculars. Get involved; make connections; investigate career interests; build community. Acting, dancing, writing outlets. Social advocacy. Many options.
  • Get student perspectives on relationships, our furry friends, religion, school and the arts.
  • Identities. Students weigh in on a spectrum of experiences living in St. Louis, including race, religion, political views, and LGBTQ+. A complementary section describes where the Entering Class of 2022 has been prior to their medical school adventure.

More videos: Student perspectives

You don’t have to take our word for it.

National media have plenty to say about St. Louis. See recent articles in Forbes, The New York Times, Jet Setter, Travel & Leisure, USA Today, Thrillist and more.

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