The Genome Engineering Core (GEC Directors: Dr. Farshid Guilak and Dr. Megan Cooper). The GEC has two units: a) the Genome Engineering and iPSC Center (GESC directed by Dr. Xiaoxia Cui) and b) the Transgenic and Knockout Mouse Facility (TKMF headed by Mr. Mike White).

  • The McDonnell Genome Institute GESC offers a wide range of services including CRISPR reagent design and validation for cell lines and model organisms, fibroblast and iPSC line generation, genotyping services, and consultations for projects. A comprehensive list of services at GESC is available on their website. The GEC will facilitate use of GEiC by as many members as possible, and will prioritize use by junior faculty (Instructors, Assistant Professors). The GEC will reimburse costs for autoimmune- and rheumatic disease-related projects (at least $4,000 for junior faculty and $1,000 for other members each year). Submissions are on a rolling basis and can be directed to Dr. Megan Cooper.

View the Application (pdf), then you can email the filled out application and the quote obtained from the GESC to Dr. Megan Cooper (

  • The TKMF works closely with the GESC for the rapid generation of genetically-modified mice. Other services offered by the TKMF are available on their website. All WU-RDRRC members receive subsidized services when using the TKMF.