This is the portal to our data tables that are published in our papers as tables or in graphical form. This page is currently under construction.

Some tables are under publications.
spreadsheet with solar system abundances and mass fractions from meteorites and solar photospheric data: Lodders_2020 and 2021 Abundances.

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Computational Results
Fegley 2022: Thermal Ionization Ideal Gas Chemical Equilibrium Calculations for Jupiter’s Atmosphere

The document and associated spreadsheet give the results of thermal ionization ideal gas calculations done along a model Jovian adiabatic P, T profile.

Please cite as B. Fegley, Jr., 2022. “Thermal ionization ideal gas chemical equilibrium calculations for Jupiter’s atmosphere” Report 2022-1, Planetary Chemistry Laboratory (, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences and McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences, Washington University, St Louis MO 63130 USA

Pdf file for download:  Fegley 2022 Thermal Ionization Ideal Gas Chemical Equilibrium Calculatons for Jupiter’s Atmosphere Fegley

Data spreadsheet for download:  2022 Ionization Summary Jupiter