The Pakrasi Lab studies how cyanobacteria use solar energy to drive the chemistry of life.

We work in many disciplines and have projects that focus on determining how the molecular machines that capture solar energy are assembled and maintained, how cyanobacteria respond to environmental changes at the systems level, and how to engineer new strains of cyanobacteria that are capable of channelling solar energy into biochemical production.

We are part of the Department of Biology at Washington University in St. Louis.


Mini Updates

2/22/2017 Cory Knoot was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation. 

2/14/2017 Congratulations to Daniel Weisz on his publication in PNAS, which provides insight on the interaction between Psb28 and Cytochrome B559 in PSII. 

2/13/2017 Anindita, Michelle, and Himadri are visiting Palo Alto, CA and Santa Cruz, CA for the UCYN-A project. They will be giving a presentation at the Moore Foundation and visiting the laboratory of collaborator Jonathan Zehr at UC Santa Cruz.

1/9/2017  The Pakrasi Lab is excited to welcome new rotation student Tricia Walker. She will be be working on making a psaAB deletion in Synechocystis PCC. 6803 using the Cpf1 genome editing system for her rotation project.