MATLAB: Student Edition
The School of Engineering has a campus wide license that allows all Engineering students to install Matlab on their personally owned computers at no charge. This software is available to students who are enrolled in an Engineering class. You should have gotten an email with  License information and installation instructions, if not, please email
Non-engineering students are not required to purchase the MATLAB software (as it is available in the computer labs and remotely via Linux Lab or Remote Desktop), however, if you wish to purchase a stand-alone student edition of MATLAB go here.

Accessing MATLAB via Linux Lab
You can use the Linux Lab to run Matlab by going to, selecting Submit Job, and then starting a “Matlab” session. This works actually pretty well!

Accessing MATLAB via Remote Desktop
To access MATLAB remotely from your computer you can also use Remote Desktop. For Windows, open the Start Menu and type “Remote Desktop” into the text box. The application should appear in the list. For Mac users, you will need to download this application.

Once you have started the remote desktop application, type as the address you would like to connect to. After the connection has been made, you will need to login with your WUSTL KEY. Enter your username with “ACCOUNTS\” in front of it, like this:


Once you have logged in, MATLAB can then be accessed from the Start Menu as in the CEC labs.

If you are attempting to use Remote Desktop from off campus, you may be required to use the VPN.