May 2022

Emrah got a job as a senior scientist at Wugen! We are sad (so sad) to see him go, but he’s off to bigger and better things designing next-generation cell therapies!

July 2021

Amanda, John and Jufang’s review of CAR design was published!

Read it here!

April 2021

Publication of work from Nathan’s post-doc identifying the contrasting impact of tonic signaling of 41BB and CD28-based CARs in Nature Medicine!

Read the paper here and the commentary here!

Graphical depiction of the role scFv linkers play in regulating tonic signaling

January 2021

Emrah was awarded an American Association of Immunologists post-doctoral grant for his work on CAR T cell dysfunction!

February 2020 

The first report of CRISPR-edited cells infused into patients demonstrates safety and feasibility of this platform in the journal Science. An exciting step forward for immune cell engineering, and from Nathan’s former mentor Carl June no less! 

Read the paper here

Cancer Discovery artwork representing the findings the of the paper

January 2020

Nathan’s post-doctoral project identifying a novel method of cancer cell resistance to CAR T cells and the induction of T cell dysfunction was published in Cancer Discovery!

Read the paper here, and read a press summary here!

December 2019 

New review about the current barriers to success of CAR T cell therapies published in Seminars in Cancer Biology.

Read it here 

July 2019

Pulitzer-prize winning author of The Emperor of all maladies Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee writes about the history of cellular immunotherapies in The New Yorker. Featuring Dr. Singh’s mentors Dr. Carl June and Dr. Stephan Grupp!

Click here to read the article.