Jufang Chang, Senior Scientist

Jufang did her PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge, focused on protein structural biology. She went on to do a post-doc at Harvard investigating how axonal receptor structure influenced neuron development, as well as a post-doc here at Wash U investigating structural mechanisms of axonal degeneration. After some time back home in Taiwan she returned to St. Louis and joined our lab in 2020. She brings significant expertise in protein structural biology, engineering and purification to our work on synthetic receptors. She is currently in the process of moving homes and when she isn’t making protein design decisions she is consumed by interior design decisions!

Helen Ha, Undergraduate student

Helen grew up near St. Louis in Swansea, IL and started as a freshman at Wash U in 2020. She was accepted to the USTARs program for the summer of 2021 and joined our group, working to develop new strategies for in vivo gene delivery. She has quickly become an expert in protein purification and agreed to stay in the lab during the school year and move into the cold room. If she doesn’t become a popsicle, she will keep cooking and playing music in her little free time.

Yu-Sung (Kevin) Hsu, Research Associate

Kevin joined the lab in September 2021. He completed both his Master’s degree in Microbiology at the National Taiwan University in Taipei, studying how dendritic cells could be used to improve T cell immunity against influenza. Outside of acclimating to St Louis, Kevin is an avid musician and plays acoustic guitar, piano and violin. He will be 3/5ths of the Singh Lab band.

Jack Landmann, Research Associate

Jack is a local boy from the across the river in Illinois. He ventured down south to Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) where he worked in a bacterial evolution lab and caught the bug for science. Outside of his lab skills, Jack also serves as our lab manager, keeping us humming. You can assume that when he’s not here he’s golfing or exploring his new neighborhood in Soulard.

John (Jake) Lattin, Medical Student

Jake grew up in California, and went to Brigham Young University in Utah. He then spent two years as a research assistant in Crystal Mackall’s lab at Stanford, studying CAR-driven T cell dysfunction – highly relevant! He started medical school at St. Louis University in 2019 and, hungry for more experience in the CAR T cell world, joined the Singh Lab in early 2020. As a true masochist, in his free time he works to develop new informatics analyses for our transcriptomic studies, and occasionally spends time with his wife Christine.

Tien-Ching (Shelly) Chang, Post-doctoral fellow

Shelly grew up in Taiwan and cut her scientific teeth as a research technician working on T cell activation. She went on to do her PhD at the prestigious Academia Sinica, focusing on development of therapeutic antibodies. During this time, she spent a summer as a visiting fellow at a CAR T cell lab in Germany, which led her to our lab in St. Louis. In her free time Shelly likes to cook.

Nathan Singh, Principal Investigator

Nathan grew up in Pittsburgh and went to Haverford College outside Philadelphia where he studied Spanish Literature and Biology. After college, Nathan started his life-long journey in cellular therapy as a tech in Carl June’s lab, and then stayed at Penn for medical school, residency, fellowship in hematology/oncology, and a post-doc back in the June Lab. When he’s not annoying his lab, he’s annoying his wife Abby, a physician-scientist in pediatric oncology, and his kids Max and Alana. Outside of work, you can usually find him in the kitchen cooking or eating.

Michael Slade, Heme/Onc Fellow

Mike went to the University of Georgia for college and then came to Wash U for his clinical training. Currently a second-year fellow, he’s got a keen interest in hematopoietic cell therapies and novel engineered cell therapies for hematologic cancers.

Lab Alums

Amanda Heard

Formerly: research associate and enforcer

Currently: MSTP student at the University of Kansas

John Warrington

Formerly: MSTP rotation student

Currently: suffering Wash U medical student

Emrah Selli

Formerly: post-doc extraordinaire and scientific handyman (2020-2022)

Currently: senior scientist at Wugen