The Kumfer Group conducts fundamental and applied research for innovative combustion solutions

Over 90% of the world’s energy requirements are met by harnessing the power from combustion.  The combustion of fuels provides a multitude of basic modern human needs, including power generation, transportation, home heating and cooking, and it is critical in many industrial processes.  With such far-reaching applications and use, combustion has become inextricably linked to environment.  New challenges are presented to improve performance and further reduce the emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases.

In this group, we study and develop novel combustion technologies to meet our future needs for clean, reliable, and affordable energy.  Research topics include: oxy-combustion for capture of carbon dioxide, combustion of engineered renewable fuels, and control of gaseous and particulate pollutants.


News & Events

September 2020

New Health Effects Project

Veterans Affairs will support collaboration with Dr. Nathan Ravi to study the toxicity of simulated burn pit emissions

August 2020

Join Me for a Panel Discussion

Changing the Way We Power Missouri, August 27th
Governor’s Conference on Economic Development


to new PhD Graduate Phillip Johnson

June 2020

Newly Published

Evaluation of semi-empirical soot models for nonpremixed flames with increased stoichiometric mixture fraction and strain 10.1016/j.combustflame.2020.04.019

April 2020

Responding to covid-19

Center for Aerosol Science & Engineering is testing mask solutions for health care workers and the public.
Department Seminar ; in the news

January 2020

Kumfer Group Partners with ThermoAI

Industrial Combustion Optimization Using Machine Learning to Reduce Emissions and Increase Fuel Efficiency.  (NSF STTR Phase1)