Education Policies: The #1 Priority Policies

One of the most important aspects of human rights issues is the right to education. Education is key to reducing poverty, political, social and economic inequality, and to sustaining economic growth. It serves as the foundation for every democratic society. Yet, education is still one of the rights that half of the world’s population can […]

Interns Should Consider Tips to Maximize Internship Experience

Block time for no distraction. Use your time wisely – distance yourself from distractions. So, block time for no distraction. You are interning, aren’t you? Therefore, you should not be finishing your assignments, or other school work at the agency. Five-eight hours of you being there is worthwhile, so spend it wisely. Find something to do. […]

How Have Southeast Asia Countries Prepared for the Aging Tsunami?

The world’s unprecedented growth of aging population in dramatic. Projections in Asia point out an increase in older population between 22% and 27% in three decades. Older adults aged 65 and over in Japan will grow up to 36.5% of the total population in 2050. Hong Kong will hit 35.5%, Singapore 28.9%, South Korea 34.9%, China 23.9%, Indonesia 15.8% […]