The ESPM group uses experimental approaches to study the mechanical and chemical behavior of rocks and minerals. The group is comprised of two labs: the rock deformation lab and the experimental geochemistry lab. Our labs use high pressure and high temperature experimental apparatus to simulate the conditions within Earth and other solar system bodies. 

Rock Deformation Lab

We study the microstructures of naturally deformed rocks to infer the importance of specific deformation processes, and then develop experiments to investigate the sensitivity of these processes to a range of deformation conditions.

Experimental Geochemistry Lab

Our lab simulates planetary interior pressure and temperature conditions, and collaborates with many groups to use new ultra-precise analysis methods to measure element fractionation, phase equilibria, and isotopic partitioning and diffusion.

The ESPM group has a wide range of analytical facilities at its disposal.  These facilities are supported by the group, the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, or the Institute for Materials Science Engineering.