Research Tech II position (lab manager): The position is no longer available.

Undergraduate research assistants (RA): We are no longer accepting RA applications. We will be launching a study investigating how contextual factors (e.g., alone versus with others) impact how people regulate their emotions. We will also examine the behaviors that people use to regulate their emotions that may be adaptive in the short range (e.g., reduce negative emotions) but may lead to negative outcomes if used too frequently or chronically (e.g., playing video games, online shopping). This multi-method project is a collaboration with Dr. Tammy English’s Emotions & Relationships Laboratory.

In general, we seek students who are conscientious, committed, and excited about emotions and mental health. The primary responsibility of RAs include phone screening interested individuals and running laboratory sessions. RAs also read journal articles, attend lab meetings, and much more! Please find an application below. 

Prospective graduate students: Dr.  Thompson will be accepting applications for graduate students for the next application cycle (i.e., for the 2021-2022 academic year). She is seeking graduate students who are interested in affective science and mental health.

As a policy, she does not have phone or web meetings with prospective students before reviewing all applications. She has this policy as a part of a best practices effort to reduce bias in the review process.