Dr. Thompson teaches various psychology courses at Washington University. Information on some of her courses is located below. Additional information, such as time and location can be found on WebSTAC under Course Listings.

Abnormal Psychology (Psych 354)

This is an introductory course on the scientific study of mental health disorders. It will include definitions, classification, and theories of abnormal behavior. Content will focus on symptoms, prevalence, etiology and treatment of mental health disorders, including mood, anxiety, eating, autism spectrum, substance use, schizophrenia spectrum, and personality disorders.

Affective Science Courses

Emotions both shape and are shaped by our subjective experiences, physiology, behaviors, cognitions, social interactions, and health. Their complexity and significance make the study of emotions particularly exciting and challenging

Both of these courses offer an overview of theory and research on emotions with content stretching across psychological disciplines, including personality, social, clinical, developmental, and neuropsychology. Course content will include definitions of emotions, physiological changes associated with emotions, and individual differences in emotional experience. The course will also examine how culture, cognitions, and relationships affect and are affected by emotion and how emotion is related to physical and mental health.

  • Psych 3645: Understanding Emotions (undergraduate seminar)
  • Psych 5453: Introduction to Affective Science (graduate seminar)