Interested in participating in our research or joining our team? Please see available participant, graduate student, and research assistant opportunities available below.

Participant Opportunities

We are currently looking for research participants for the following studies.

Graduate Student Opportunities

Dr. English will be accepting graduate students for the coming year. If you’re interested in working with Dr. English, please contact her directly ( Please note that you will need to apply to Washington University’s Ph.D. Program in Psychological & Brain Sciences.

Research Assistant Opportunities

Research assistants play a very important role in the research process! Depending on what projects are going on in the lab at the time, research assistants have the opportunity to help with a wide a range of tasks, including designing and piloting studies, creating surveys, running experimental sessions, recruiting and phone screening, conducting literature searches, and doing behavioral coding.

At this time, research assistant positions are only available for volunteer or credit. Research assistants must commit to 6 hours. Hours are flexible; however, each shift must be at least 3 hours long. In addition, research assistants must attend a 1 hour lab meeting every week. 

If you are interested in being a research assistant, please fill out our application.