Welcome to the Emotion and Relationships Lab!

Directed by Dr. Tammy English at Washington University in St. Louis

Unwanted emotions are a part of our everyday interactions, such as when we have a disagreement with a coworker or have to make a sacrifice for our romantic partner. Regulation of these emotions plays an important role in maintaining both personal and relational well-being. When emotion regulation attempts go well, they can help us reach not only our emotional goals, but also other types of goals, such as avoiding conflict with others. On the other hand, emotion regulation can also be damaging, especially if we use ineffective strategies. In the Emotion & Relationships Lab, we seek to gain a better understanding of how emotion regulation operates across different contexts, with a focus on the social nature of emotion regulation.

Recent Lab News




  • Judy Kwak joined out lab as a new graduate student. Welcome, Judy! 


  • Dr. English and Dr. Eldesouky had a new paper published in European Journal of Psychological Assessment titled “Emotion Regulation Flexibility”. 


  • Katie successfully defended her dissertation! Congrats Dr. Bentley!


  • Kathleen Lamb joined our lab as a project coordinator for the Cognitive and Social Processes in Emotion Regulation study. Welcome Kathleen!



  • Isidro successfully defended his dissertation proposal! 


  • Dr. English and Dr. Eldesouky had a new paper accepted in Emotion titled “We’re not alone: Understanding the social consequences of intrinsic emotion regulation”. 



  • Tess Wild joined our lab as a project director for the Emotion and Cognition in Older Adults study. Welcome, Tess!


  • Dr. English received a grant from the National Institute on Aging for a project examining the influence of social and cognitive factors on emotion regulation across the lifespan. Congrats, Dr. English!


  • Dr. English was granted tenure! Congrats, Dr. English!
  • Isidro and Dr. English had a new paper accepted in the British Journal of Psychology titled “Mood regulation and relationship quality predict change in homesickness during college.”


  • Isidro passed his qualifying exam! Congrats on ABD!