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Crimes Against Humanity Treaty Moves Forward in 2022

2022 saw important advances in the work to negotiate a new global treaty on crimes against humanity. The Spring was devoted to developing a series of practical procedural options that States wishing to advance to negotiations could use to bypass what seemed to be an intractable block posed by the consensus tradition in the U.N. […]

Disappointing Outcome but Glimmers of Hope at the U.N. Sixth Committee in 2021

Crimes Against Humanity Initiative Director Leila Nadya Sadat, James Carr Professor of International Criminal Law, carefully followed the meetings of the U.N. Sixth Committee in Fall 2021 and the discussions of the International Law Commission’s Draft Articles on Crimes Against Humanity. Her analysis of the negotiations and the tabulation of State responses, conducted by the […]

CAH Initiative and Global Justice Center Circulate Letter to UN Sixth Committee Representatives

Crimes Against Humanity Initiative Director Leila Nadya Sadat and Global Justice Center Akila Radkrishnan have been closely following the work of the UN Sixth Committee delegates as they debate the International Law Commission’s draft articles on crimes against humanity. The negotiations have been very productive this year, but there remain some holdouts which could block […]

U.N. Sixth Committee and General Assembly Pass Resolutions on Crimes Against Humanity

The U.N. Sixth Committee considered the ILC’s Draft Articles on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Humanity in October 2020. In large part due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s limitations on working methods at the United Nations, the Committee was again unable to agree on a way forward in 2020 and instead opted for a […]