Crimes Against Humanity News

Important Preparatory Events Held Prior to Resumed Sixth Committee Session in New York

On March 13-14, 2023, the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations, joined by the Permanent Mission of France, hosted a two-day workshop on a Convention on Crimes Against Humanity to discuss the ILC 2019 Draft Articles. Organized by Professor Leila Nadya Sadat, and open to all UN Member States and civil society, the meeting brought together experts and more than 100 participants to discuss the ILC’s draft. Washington University Law Students Hannah Grage and Kris Sturm served as note-takers for the meeting, along with counterparts from Yale University’s Lowenstein Project directed by Professor Sadat. This was followed by an important meeting at Wilton Park on March 15-17 and a Conference hosted by the International Bar Association War Crimes Committee in The Hague on March 18, 2023, on “Pursuing Justice in a World on Fire,” also featuring a robust discussion of the proposed new crimes against humanity treaty.

Experts gather at German Mission to the UN for meeting on crimes against humanity, cosponsored by France