We study how to reduce hidden or implicit biases.

Hidden biases within the mind create a gap between what people value (e.g., racial equality) and what people do (e.g., racial discrimination). Our research seeks to close this gap by understanding how these biases work, figuring out how to reduce them, and developing interventions for addressing their consequences.

Recent Lab Updates

6/21 Calvin Lai has published a paper at Behavioral Research Methods titled “Best research practices for using the Implicit Association Test.”

4/21 Former lab manager Joel Forestier’s paper with Calvin Lai, titled: “Subjective identity concealability and the consequences of fearing identity-based judgment” was accepted for publication in Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin.

2/21 Jennifer Beatty presented her poster titled “Effort and Motivation to Regulate Stereotypes: A Novel Mental Effort Task” at the Social Cognition Pre-conference at SPSP.

2/21 Kimia Saadatian presented her poster titled “Do law enforcement professionals exhibit more racial bias than the general population?” at the Social Cognition Pre-conference at SPSP.

2/21 Grace Drake presented her poster titled “Gender differences in anticipated confrontation of homophobic comments” at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

1/21 Messi Lee, graduate student in computational and data sciences, joined our lab.

11/20 Calvin Lai has published a paper in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin titled “A diffusion model approach for understanding the impact of 17 interventions on the race Implicit Association Test.” (Supplement)

11/20 Calvin Lai and Megan Wilson have published a paper in the Social and Personality Psychology Compass titled “Measuring implicit intergroup biases.” (Supplement | Teaching Guide

08/20 Calvin Lai has published a paper in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology titled “Reducing implicit racial preferences: III. A process-level examination of changes in implicit preferences.” 

08/20 Pierce Ekstrom and Calvin Lai have published a paper in Social Psychological & Personality Science titled “The selective communication of political information.” 

08/20 Jennifer Beatty and Grace Drake have started their graduate studies with Dr. Lai.

07/20 Previously a Postdoc in our lab, Pierce Ekstrom is off to University of Nebraska, Lincoln to start his new position as an Assistant Professor of Political Science.

07/20 Jackie Lisnek has left her Lab Manager role in DSL to pursue her PhD in Social Psychology at the University of Virginia.

07/20 Kimia Saadatian has joined our team as a joint Lab Manager for DSL and SPIA Lab.

06/20 Calvin Lai has written an op-ed in Science called “Confronting bias: Prejudice and discrimination are deeply personal, but their effects are profound.”

06/20 Calvin Lai has written an op-ed in Education Week called “What Teachers Should Know About Implicit Bias Right Now.” 

05/20 Calvin Lai has published a paper in European Journal of Social Psychology titled “Concealability Beliefs Facilitate Navigating Intergroup Contexts.”

03/20 Calvin Lai has published a paper in Psychological Inquiry titled “Ordinary Claims Require Ordinary Evidence: A Lack of Direct Support for Equalitarian Bias in the Social Sciences.”

02/20 Pierce Ekstrom gave a talk at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology called “Ideological Differences in Sharing Of Political Information: Conservatives Conform, Liberals Confront.”

02/20 Calvin Lai gave a talk at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology called “Reducing Hidden Biases in the Lab & in the Field.”

01/20 Calvin Lai has published a paper in Annual Review of Psychology titled “Implicit Social Cognition.

12/19 Job market success! Pierce Ekstrom has accepted an assistant professorship at University of Nebraska – Lincoln, starting in Fall 2020.

12/19 The Russell Sage Foundation has awarded the lab a grant titled “Improving Police-Community Relations with a Social-Psychological Intervention for Reducing Racial Bias in Policing“.

08/19 Calvin Lai has published a paper in Journal of Personality & Social Psychology titled “A Meta-Analysis of Procedures to Change Implicit Measures.”

07/19 Calvin Lai has published a paper in JAMA Network Open titled “Estimating Implicit and Explicit Gender Bias among Healthcare Professionals and Surgeons.”

03/19 Calvin Lai has published a paper in Perspectives on Psychological Science titled “Scientific Utopia: III. Crowdsourcing Science.”

01/19 Calvin Lai has published a paper in the Journal of Personality & Social Psychology titled “Reducing Discrimination: A Bias Versus Noise Perspective”.

Recent Media Coverage

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