Our lab is recruiting 2 to 3 research assistants for Fall 2021. If you are interested in joining us in the fall, please fill out and submit this application form by the first week of the fall semester. We will be reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and making decisions in the first few weeks of each semester.

Research assistants (RAs) are involved in many aspects of the research process, such as running participants in lab experiments, designing study materials, cleaning and analyzing data, and programming studies. Applicants with strong statistics or programming skills are especially encouraged to apply. We seek to tailor specific duties to the interests and strengths of each RA, with more advanced research assistants taking on more independent roles in research projects.

All research assistants must sign up for course credit through PSYCH 333 — Independent Study for 1-3 units. New RAs are expected to commit to a minimum of 2 units (6 hours/week).

If you are interested in applying for Fall 2021, please email Kimia Saadatian at ksaadatian@wustl.edu no later than the first week of the Fall semester.