GRAND ENTRY is the parade of dancers that marks the beginning of each Pow Wow session. The dancers enter to the sound of the drum and gather to create the Circle.

INVOCATION is a time-honored tradition that calls upon the Creator, the Great Spirit, to bless those who have gathered to participate in the ceremonies.

FLAG SONGS are patriotic songs sung in a Native language and accompany the raising of the American Flag over the dance arena. During this song, all motion is at a standstill and all are quiet.

MEMORIAL SONGS honor the men and women who have defended and fought for their peoples in various wars. The singers sing a special honoring song to which only veterans — and sometimes their families — may dance. All other guests should remove their hats and stand in silence.

HONOR SONGS are special songs sung to honor either an individual or a group. The drum will sing a special song while the one being honored and the person doing the honoring will begin to dance around the arena. They are usually accompanied by their family and close friends for the first time around the arena. On the second revolution, all the dancers join in and dance around the arena until the song has ended. At this time, many of the dancers line up to congratulate the honored person.

BLANKET DANCES begin by placing a blanket near the drum in order to collect tokens of  appreciation for a specific singer or dancer. Donations are used to assist in the reimbursement of expenses. The audience may participate in this dance by respectfully entering the arena and placing their donation on the blanket.

SOCIAL DANCES are dances in which audience participation is encouraged. They include Round Dances, Two Steps, and Crow Hops. The Round Dance is typically held after the opening ceremonies. It is a circular dance, that represents friendship and symbolizes equality to one another. The Two step is a partner dance in which participants are led around the arena by the Head Dancers in a series of different pattern movements. The Crow Hop is a fast-paced and enjoyable dance in which the dancers attempt to imitate the crow.

INTER-TRIBALS are dances in which people of all nations and ages are invited to share in the dancing.  Audience participation is encouraged.