Welcome to the Research Participant Registry (RPR) at Washington University School of Medicine. The Registry gives individuals the opportunity to participate in clinical studies and play a vital role in improving health care.

At Washington University, more than 1000 clinical studies begin every year to evaluate new experimental therapies or devices. For every study, also called a trial, researchers need individuals to serve as participants.

The RPR helps researchers find people who are interested and who meet study qualifications. We can also connect you with studies at other institutions who partner with Washington University in clinical research. For a complete list of Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS) Affiliated Institutions.

People who are healthy and those who have medical conditions are needed, from every ethnic and age group.

By registering, you inform us that you are interested in participating. When a study comes up for which you may qualify, you may be contacted to determine your interest and eligibility. You may also receive study match alerts via email.  You can then let us know whether you are interested or not in the studies you match for. Keep in mind – matching to a study does not mean you are enrolled – often times, there are additional criteria that need to be met for inclusion into a clinical trial. There is also the possibility that you will not qualify for any studies at this time.

Membership in the RPR does not obligate you to participate in any study; you are always free to say no. You may remove or modify your RPR profile at any time. All of the information you provide in the RPR is kept completely confidential, in compliance with federal law and Washington University policies.

The RPR is one of many participant recruitment services powered by the Volunteer for Health program at Washington University School of Medicine’s Center for Clinical Studies.