I am always happy to host interested undergraduates for research experiences, when opportunities are available. 

*Remote research can be supported for 2020-2021*

Interested in getting involved in research?  Read below to learn more about how to approach finding an undergraduate research position. If you are specifically interested in working in our lab, I highly encourage you to follow the steps laid out below.

Quick tips for getting involved in undergraduate research

1. Finding a topic of interest

– Think about which courses you’ve enjoyed and excelled in.

– Visit faculty web pages & read about their current research

– Talk to your TA’s, they can provide advice or might need help with their own projects

– Meet with your undergraduate advisor to get some ideas and discuss your interests

2. Refining your interests

– Make a list of the the skills that you already have & those that you’d like to learn

– Think of a few research questions based on what you’ve learned about the faculty’s research

– Demonstrate serious interest in a topic by reading an article that they’ve published (you don’t need to understand every word, just get the gist of what they like to think about!)

– Prepare a resume highlighting your relevant skills

3. Making Contact

– If you’re currently enrolled in a course with the professor you want to work with, visit their office hours to talk about potential opportunities

– Send the professor an email stating your interests and asking if there are any opportunities available and to schedule a meeting

Remember to…

– Treat these interactions professionally, as if you are applying for a job or internship

– If you need financial support to undertake an internship experience – do not be afraid to ask.  Most of the time, there are ways to find money to support you. Sometimes there isn’t but you won’t know unless you ask!

– Sometimes there simply aren’t positions available in individual labs, so it is best to cast a wide net when looking for opportunities

– If you don’t like a particular project, be honest & professional about it.  It is quite alright to change you mind, just handle it maturely & appropriately.