Welcome to the St. Louis Floods Site

This site describes the flood research of Robert E. Criss, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Earth, Environmental, & Planetary Sciences at Washington University, and member of the University City Stormwater Commission. Active work features urban flash flooding and flood warning, and continued, longstanding work on flooding and flood statistics of the Meramec, Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Several of Criss’ contributions on these topics are provided on the “books and papers” page, while the “links & library” and “photos and videos” pages contain illuminating information from many sources. A new page provides valuable information about the July 26, 2022 flood that devastated University City. No place in the world is better suited to river study than St. Louis, whose vitality and history are forever tied to its rivers.

Engineered concrete channel of the upper River des Peres, University City. Credit: Christian Gooden, Bryce Gray, St. Louis Post-Dispatch