We recommend you read the Brain Facts book including the glossary. We host fun and interactive “Brain Blast Sessions” at the St. Louis Science Center Taylor Center  on  Feb. 3, 10, 17 and 24 from 10-11am (more info provided to those who register).

There are many different learning styles. One strategy, active recall, challenges you to write down or recite what you remember from a lesson or reading. Consider studying in a group and quizzing your friends or family.  Finally, test yourself with flashcards.  Here are some additional resources:

Sample Brain Bee Questions.

A SLABB quizlet by Shriya Koneru

The IYNA Brain Bee Bootcamp 
Brain Bee Podcast by Ankit Choudhury.
A Brain Bee Study Guide.

The Yale Brain Bee Study Guide.
Aryan Kalluvila, a prior SLABB competitor, offers coaching and videos. 
Brain Bee Youtube by Shruti Chakrapani, a high school senior.
Mnemonics for brain structures.
The midbrain.
Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic.
Neural migration.
Neural tube formation.