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Past responses to the Senior Survey have led to changes that enhanced student life, teaching, advising, and services. Just 20 minutes could make all the difference.

Student feedback leads to change at WashU

Student feedback from the PULSE and Senior Surveys is important to WashU leadership; here are a few examples of changes made based in part on past student survey feedback:

Student Affairs:

  • added a weekly Let’s Talk drop in session to help ensure students have access to mental health support.

Arts & Sciences:

  • made changes to core foundational STEM courses that led to fewer students changing their major because they felt unprepared, and fewer students changing their major because intro courses turned them off the subject.
  • added a second track in general chemistry,
  • added PLTL to physics,
  • added recitation to lower level math classes that didn’t have them,
  • plan to reduce class sizes for calculus,
  • changed the internship credit policy, so that students can now get academic credit for paid internships, reducing barriers to internship participation.

The Olin School of Business:

  • integrated a career education piece into the required Management Communication course,
  • the Westin Career Center assigns a career coach to each incoming BSBA degree student,
  • offered virtual consulting engagement opportunities during the summer for students to get real-world, team-based project experience under the guidance of faculty through Olin’s Center for Experiential Learning,
  • created the Student Advisory Board (SAB), which includes four members from each class, who provide suggestions and feedback to the Olin administration.

The Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Art:

  • added a staff member dedicated to advising to better serve every student;
  • convened an ad hoc task force of students, faculty, and staff to continue to address student concerns around wellness,
  • added a regular meeting of student leaders with the Dean each semester to address concerns;
  • continued to review and invest in Art- and Architecture-specific Career Services;
  • The Colleges of Art and Architecture have added regular town hall sessions with the directors and chairs to take questions and address concerns.

Thank you gifts!

We know your time is valuable, and we appreciate your effort as you give us your input.  To say “thank you,” we will be giving out 50 gift certificates, for $75 each, to the WashU Campus Store.  We will hold five drawings, one per week, drawing 10 names each time. We will draw from all respondents who haven’t won yet – so responding early means you will be in all five drawings.