Studying Cancer Therapy Resistance Mechanisms in Humans and Preclinical Models

We use well annotated clinical databases paired with prospectively collected patient tumor banks and state of the art sequencing technologies to perform high quality translational research in solid tumors. Our tumor bank includes longitudinal samples collected before and during radiation and chemotherapy, which allows us to ask important questions about how cancer therapies are impacting tumor cells and the tumor microenvironment.  We take these observations, derived directly from patient data, to the bench to conceptualize, optimize and test novel drug and radiotherapy combinations, which are then moved forward in the context of investigator-initiated clinical trials.

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Schwarz lab is growing. We are currently recruiting post docs and staff scientists to join our group in support of newly funded grants. Applicants with experience in tumor immunology, metabolism and mouse genetics are encouraged to apply. We are actively recruiting graduate students (PhD and MSTP) and are open for rotations for fall and spring. We are a highly collaborative and fun group studying pancreas and ovarian cancer in addition to HPV related cancers. Please click the link above for job listing or email for details.