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Revisiting the Moon: The Future of Artemis

NASA has been very active in recent news, launching the uncrewed Artemis I mission in November 2022 [1], and announcing on April 3rd, 2023 the names of the four crew members who will fly around the Moon on the Artemis II mission in late 2024 [2]. Among the selected crew members are the first US […]

Recap: Spring 2022 Book Club

How will artificial intelligence (AI) shape our lives? Who is developing AI, and what motivates them? What flaws currently exist in AI systems, and how might they be improved or exploited? Quantitative futurist Amy Webb explores these questions in her 2019 book The Big Nine: How the Tech Titans and Their Thinking Machines Could Warp […]

Policy Memo: Motor Vehicle Crash Testing Regulations for More Inclusive Populations

In April 2021, two teams of ProSPER members participated in the National Science Policy Network‘s policy memo competition. This is the memo by Hannah Frye, Daphne Ko, Emilee Kotnik, and Nathan Zelt; the memo by Adrienne Brauer, Ananya Benegal, Kayla Hannon, Jessica Kuppan, and Sarah Speck can be found here. This memo won third place in the […]