These things are not meteorites

Meteorwrongs 1. (1) Big vesicles (holes, gas bubbles), no fusion crust; (2) Vesicles, no fusion crust; (3) Vesicles, no fusion crust; (4) Slag: one (top) face flat and shiny, vesicles, metal grain, no fusion crust; (5 & 6) Stripes or layers, no fusion crust; (7) Slag: vesicles, metal grain, no fusion crust; (8 & 9) Goofy-shaped, reddish, hematite concretion, no fusion crust, goofy shape.

Meteorwrongs 2. (10) Too colorful, no fusion crust; (11) Metal, but no attraction to a magnet: melted beer or soda can; (12) Swirly features, no fusion crust; (13) Surface much too rough, no fusion crust; (14) Radiating feature: radiating pyrite; (15) Spherical, geometric pattern, surface not smooth: coral?; (16) Geometric shape with straight lines, no fusion crust: roofing tile?; (17) Vesicles, no fusion crust; (18) Concentric and spherical: some kind of concretion?

Meteorwrongs 3. (19-25) Vesicles, no fusion crust. Mostly slags.

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