If it’s spherical, then it is not a meteorite. All of the photos on this page were sent to me by people who asked if the objects were meteorites. There are many natural processes on Earth that lead to near-spherical rocks. I suspect, however, that a few of the objects depicted here are man made.

These rocks are all reddish. Most are hematite concretions or other hematite-rich rocks.

Some of these blackish rocks look glassy.

OK. You’ve gotten this far, so I’ll back off a bit. The photos below are both of spheroidal meteorites – not perfect spheres, but spheroidal. This as about as spheroidal as meteorites are found.

Both of these photos were sent to me. The meteorite on the left appears fresh, with a glassy fusion crust and contraction cracks. The one on the right is quite weathered, but fusion crust still remains on about 80% of the surface that we can see.