Lunar Meteorite: Northwest Africa 11006

Northwest Africa 11006. Photo credit: Weibiao Hsu
Lab sample of NWA 11006. Thanks to Weibiao Hsu for the sample. Photo credit: Randy Korotev

from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 105

Northwest Africa 11006 (NWA 11006)

Purchased: November 2016
Mass: 2245 g (1 piece)

Classification: lunar, anorthositic impact melt breccia

History: Purchased by Ke Zuokai in Nov. 2016 from a Moroccan dealer.

Physical characteristics: A single stone lacking fusion crust. The section of stone looks gray and the stone has a dark yellow surface. Small white clasts are visible in a pale, finer grained matrix.

Petrography: (Wu Y., PMO) Lithic clasts and mineral fragments (0.15 to 2 mm) set in a poorly recrystallized anorthositic matrix. The lithic clasts are impact melt clasts and rocks of anorthositic, gabbroic, noritic, and troctolitic composition. Mineral fragments are dominated by pyroxene grains and minor olivine. Some pyroxene grains exhibit exsolved lamella composed of augite Fs23.5Wo40.4 and pigeonite Fs43.6Wo10.3. Vesicles occur in the matrix or some clasts with skeletal crystals. Other accessory minerals include chromite, spinel, ilmenite and troilite. The meteorite is moderately weathered with clay minerals filled in irregular cracks.

Geochemistry: Plagioclase (An95.9±1.7Or0.3±0.3, n=21), olivine (FeO/MnO = 83.2-116.5), pyroxene FeO/MnO = 43.9-73.6.

Classification: Lunar, anorthositic impact melt breccia.

Specimens: 20 g is on deposit at PMOKe Zuokai holds the main mass.

Randy Says…

Compositionally, Northwest Africa 11006 is a typical feldspathic lunar meteorite.

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Korotev R. L. and Irving A. J. (2021) Lunar meteorites from northern Africa. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 206–240.