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St. Louis Story Stitchers seeks part-time Project Coordinator

Perception Isn’t Always Reality will engage Black teen and young adult artists to reevaluate messages they may have received about COVID and vaccinations and to evaluate the sources of the information. Through their own brand of urban storytelling that involves collaborative work in hip hop music and krump dance, videography, photography, and podcasting, the artists will produce a challenging body of work for the public to experience on urban canvases such as the sides of city buses and on the airwaves.

The Project Coordinator will be a temporary part-time employee and staff member hired to coordinate details of scheduling, reservations, facilitation details, and budgets. The coordinator will monitor project activities to assure completion and support the evaluation process. Duties include working with artists, including teen and young adult artists, to plan schedule, and coordinate details of the artistic production.

Covid Policies: Inside all Story Stitchers facilities: Show your photo ID with date of birth and vaccination card or a negative test within 72 hours. Wear masks at all times.

Pay: $20/hour for 250 hours over the project period. Start Date: December 2021. End Date: August 7, 2022.

Work Schedule: An average of 8 hours per week.

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