St. Louis Projects and Part-Time Work is a platform for designers, artists, architects, and other creative people to find out about the opportunities and needs of the St. Louis community.

The Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts receives a large number of requests from the St. Louis community. A very small number of these requests are good fits for our classes, research, or outreach initiatives. This platform is a way for students, faculty, and creative professionals to find these requests and connect with those needing their skills and talents.

Vetting, Review, and Editing of Posts

Please note that opportunities are vetted by Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts staff. After your opportunity has been submitted, we will review to ensure that the request aligns with our standards. We will not support or publicize the following opportunities:

We reserve the right not to post any opportunity.

Posts will be edited for clarity. We may follow up via email for more information about the request.

More About Freelancing 

We encourage all designers and artists taking on freelance work to critically review all contracts, pay schedules, and time commitments. Utilize websites like and AIA Salary Calculator to ensure that your rates align with regional expectations.