art film competition

Gephardt Institute Civic Life Project: Democracy Youth Film Challenge

A flyer with multiple sections of text with the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement and Civic Life Project Logos at the top. Text reads: Democracy Youth Film Challenge, We're challenging WashU students to create short videos about issues of civic importance. Inspire your peers to get involved in the causes you care about through the power of filmmaking!
-Chance to win national cash prizes up to $5,000
-Chance to win Gephardt Award cash prize of $5,000
-Fall semester on-campus film screening.

Virtual info session: May 6 at 2pm. Submission deadline: August 14, 2022 at Midnight ET.

The bottom of the document includes a scan me code and photos of a screening in an auditorium, a person with a camera looking at the camera in the photo, and someone filming an interview with sound and camera people and lighting. These photos are within a film strip.

Democracy Youth Film Challenge (,

There are two prize awards, each is $5k. Any WashU student can submit their work and is eligible to win the Gephart Award. Students under the age of 25 are also eligible to win the National Civic Life Project Award.

A film screening and panel discussion are under development for the Fall semester.