Whether you’re a veteran, reservist, national guard, cadet/candidate, spouse, or beneficiary… you are part of a community that transcends all other qualifiers. Just because you’re at law school shouldn’t mean the military family stops being a part of your life and support structure.

Enter LawVets.

We want to build up the community so we know one another, have a shoulder to lean on when (not if) we need it, network, and–if nothing else–have a way to connect in a way that only people affiliated with the military can.

Who We Are

WashU Law students who are also veterans, reservists, national guard, cadets/candidates, spouses, beneficiaries, or just supporters of the military. Our members span both the enlisted and officer ranks across the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force.

What We Do

Our first priority is fostering a close knit community among those who understand what military service entails. However, we hope to develop relationships, support the local veteran community, and assist Admissions with bringing more veterans into our incredible school.

President Zej Moczydlowski (Army Vet and Army Reservist, E-6), Vice-President Ridge Hughbanks (USMC Reservist, O-1)
Executive Board Members
PresidentZej Moczydlowski (Army Vet and Army Reservist, E-6)
Vice-PresidentRidge Hughbanks (USMC Reservist, O-1)
TreasurerGeorge Jose (Army Vet, O-2)
SecretaryRyan McLaughlin (Navy Vet, E-6)
Director of Social AffairsIsabela Gallegos (USAF Cadet)
Faculty Advisor
Professor John Inazu