12/8/23- Kwon, Newland named to antibiotic resistance advisory council

11/29/23 – Kwon receives CDC grant to study viral transmission within households 

8/10/23 Symposium helps advance antimicrobial stewardship, infection prevention & implementation science, co-chaired by WashU Assistant Research Professor, Ginger McKay, PhD, and Associate Professor of Medicine, Jennie Kwon, DO, MSCI.

7/17/2023 – Study: Self-contamination of dental personnel PPE when donning and doffing

6/28/23 – Helping people live longer, better lives

6/5/23 – Jennie H. Kwon, DO, promoted to associate professor of medicine at the School of Medicine with tenure

3/27/23 – Kwon joins Dr. Jason Newland MD, MEd, on his podcast, Capturing COVID, a production in partnership with Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, takes experiences from the COVID-19 pandemic and turns them into memories.

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1/27/2023 Kwon named Chair of SHEA Research Committee

11/11/22 – Kwon honored by epidemiology society; Recognized for excellence in infection prevention, hospital epidemiology

9/9/22 – Prevent and Combat Antimicrobial Resistance

8/25/22 – Jennie H. Kwon, DO, MSCI advances to fellow of SHEA

5/19/22 – Spotlight on Jennie H. Kwon, DO, MSCI

5/5/22 – What Happens to the Gut Microbiome After Taking Antibiotics?

4/15/22 – The next war we have to win

4/13/22 – 3 doses of COVID-19 vaccine important for patients who undergo solid organ transplants

11/17/21 – Jennie Kwon, DO, MSCI of Washington University School of Medicine, of St. Louis, MO, has been named a Fellow by the Infectious Diseases Society of America, the nation’s leading infectious diseases professional society. Fellowship in IDSA is one of the highest honors in the field of infectious diseases. It recognizes distinguished clinicians and scientists from the United States and around the world who have achieved professional excellence and provided significant service to the profession.

11/9/21 – Jennie H. Kwon, DO, MSCI to present in a virtual Zoom Seminar “Submitting an R Grant: What to Know When You Apply”

10/27/21 Jennie H. Kwon, DO, MSCI to present in the 2021-2022 CAPSit Seminar Series: µ-symposia: Microbiome

4/22/2021 – Jennie H. Kwon, DO, MSCI named committee vice chair by epidemiology society

Winter 2020-21 – A Crisis Unfolds: COVID-19 surge gives way to unprecedented collaboration, innovation

3/20/2020 – Jennie H . Kwon, DO, MSCI, will lead all COVID-19 related issues for WUSM Student and Occupational Health

9/18/2019 – Jennie H. Kwon, DO, MSCI, receives Emerging Leader Award from her alma mater.

5/8/2019 – Kwon named to health policy committee.

3/21/2019 – Washington University School of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases Announcement: Jennie H. Kwon, DO, MSCI, appointed Chair of SHEA Awards Committee.

2/1/2019 – Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America: (SHEA) Membership Spotlight – Jennie H. Kwon, DO, MSCI.

9/28/2018 – National Academy of Medicine Interview with the 2016-2018 fellow, Dr. Jennie H. Kwon: Reflection on the NAM Fellowship in Osteopathic Medicine.

10/5/2017 – Dr. Kwon profiled in a feature article in The DO: How to fund your first research project.

3/29/2017 – Dr. Kwon featured in in The DO’s list of DOs doing awesome things: National Doctor’s Day: Read about 10 DOs doing awesome things.

10/17/2016 – National Academy of Medicine Names Three NAM Fellows for 2016.

10/6/2016 – Washington University School of Medicine News Release: $2 million awarded to help prevent antibiotic resistance.

1/7/2016 – Watchful Waiting: Best Bet for Winter Illnesses.

10/12/2015 – Probiotics Do Not Reduce Superbug Colonization in Gut.

8/28/2015 – Probiotic ineffective for prevention, elimination of GI colonization with drug-resistant organisms.

8/27/2015 – Probiotics Show No Impact in Preventing Gastrointestinal Colonization with Drug-Resistant Organisms.

4/23/2012 – Doc Guide News, Presented at ACP: Urinary Colony Counts below 100,000 CFU/mL May be Clinically Insignificant.