Current Courses:

L41 BIOL 437
Laboratory on DNA Manipulation
4.0 Units
Description:This course provides investigation-driven research on experimental manipulation of DNA and RNA molecules. This includes the construction, isolation and analysis of plasmids, RNA, PCR products and DNA sequencing. Molecular cloning (genetic engineering), gene knockouts (mutants), RNA isolation, RT-PCR, and microarray projects are performed. Prerequisite: Bio 2960 and Bio 2970. One hour of lecture and six hours of laboratory each week. This course fulfills the upper-level laboratory requirement for the Biology major. Enrollment is limited to 12. A laboratory fee is required for students who are not full-time Washington University undergraduates.

Past courses:

L41 Biol 
2960 Principles of Biology I
4.0 Units
Description:An introduction to biological molecules and biochemical strategies employed by the three domains of life. The flow of genetic information within cells is discussed in the context of cellular structure, organization, and function. Investigation and manipulation of genetic information by molecular genetic technologies, such as recombinant DNA, forms the final phase of the course. Weekly labs reinforce concepts from lecture and explore common laboratory techniques and computer-based resources. Prerequisite: Chem 111 and Chem 112 (concurrently). Examination schedule: Tests, at which attendance is required, will be given from 6:30-8:30PM on the following evenings: February 2 , March 2 , and April 6. Three hours of lecture and 2 hours of lab per week.
L41 BIOL 3491
Microbiology Laboratory
3.0 Units
Description:After introducing students to the basics of bacterial growth and maintenance, this laboratory class employs genetics, cell biology, and genomics to explore various aspects of bacterial physiology, identification, gene structure and mutational analysis of physiological pathways. One hour lecture and five hours of laboratory per week. Fulfills the upper – level laboratory requirement for the Biology major.
L41 BIOL 349
Fundamentals of Microbiology
4.0 Units
Description:This four – credit lecture course focuses on the molecular biology of bacteria, archaea, and viruses. Topics include: the bacterial cell cycle, gene regulation, stress response, cell-cell communication, viral and bacterial pathogenesis, microbial ecology, and metabolic diversity. Friday tutorials stress analysis of the primary literature with an emphasis on current research related to material covered in lecture. Prerequisites: Biology 2960, and 2970, or permission of instructor.