Pradeep Prathibha earns PhD

On October 11 Pradeep Prathibha presented and successfully defended her doctoral dissertation “Hyperlocal Air Quality Exposure Assessment to Support Health Studies”.  Her official  graduation date will be December 2021. Congratulations, Pradeep!

New Group Members

We are pleased that Tyler Cargill and Yan He have joined the group.  Both are rising second-year PhD students.  Tyler is co-advised by Professor Brent Williams.

Spring Semester Student Updates

It has been a busy spring semester.  Maryssa Loehr and Zhiyao Li passed passed their PhD proposals and are advanced to candidacy.  First-year doctoral students Tyler Cargill,  Yan He, and Runyu Zhao conducted research rotations with our group.  Undergraduate student Vee Dols completed an Independent Study (guided research) project.  Thanks for your contributions!

NAS report on lead emissions from piston-engine aircraft

This week the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) released a report on options to reduce lead emissions from piston-engine aircraft.  The charge was to consider existing non-leaded fuel alternatives, environmental concentrations of lead near airports where piston-powered aircraft are used, and potential mitigation measures to reduce environmental lead concentrations. Jay Turner served on the committee […]

SAB Report on EPA’s evaluation of Reduced Form Tools

This week the US EPA chartered Science Advisory Board (SAB) transmitted to the EPA Administrator its report on EPA’s evaluation of Reduced Form Tools (RFT).  RFTs can be used to estimate monetized health benefits from changes in air pollutant (in this case, PM2.5) emissions. They are alternatives to using full-form air quality and health benefits […]

QuantAQ Advisory Board

Jay Turner has been appointed to the Advisory Board for QuantAQ, a start-up co-founded by David Hagan (CEO) and Eben Cross (CTO) that develops and commercializes air quality sensor networks.

First-Year Doctoral Students

While research rotations for our department’s first-year doctoral students have been postponed until Spring Semester 2021, we are pleased that Kaseba Chibwe, Yan He, and Runyu Zhao are conducting 3-credit Independent Study (Guided Research) projects with our group this semester. Welcome to Kaseba, Yan and Runyu! Learn more about them on the People page.

Maryssa Loehr receives graduate research award

Maryssa Loehr has received a Graduate Research Award from the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP).  This one-year, $12,000 award partially supports a project titled “Ultrafine Particle Ground Level Impacts during Aircraft Approach and Climb Out Operations”. (ACRP Press Release) Congratulations, Maryssa!

Sami Jordan joins the group

Sami Jordan has joined our group as an Undergraduate Research Assistant.  She is a dual degree program student, having studied chemistry at Maryville University and now a rising senior in chemical engineering.  Welcome, Sami!