Risky Business: Where Do Presidential Campaigns Visit?

J. Langston and G. Rosas, “Risky Business: Where do Presidential Campaigns Visit?”, Electoral Studies, 55, 2018. We build on existing theories about why presidential candidates organize rallies to understand where they are likely to organize them. We conjecture that the possibility of a failed rally is an important factor driving these choices. When a candidate is […]

Is the Incumbent Curse the Incumbent’s Fault?

A. Lucardi and G. Rosas, “Is the Incumbent Curse the Incumbent’s Fault? Strategic Behavior and Negative Incumbency Effects in Young Democracies”, Electoral Studies, 44, 2016. Why are incumbents in young democracies cursed? The most convincing explanation emphasizes the role of rent-seeking on the part of politicians, which induces voters to throw them out of office before […]

Gubernatorial Effects on the Voting Behavior of National Legislators

G. Rosas and J. Langston, “Gubernatorial Effects on the Voting Behavior of National Legislators”, Journal of Politics, 73 (2), 2011. Are subnational political elites, such as governors, capable of affecting the voting behavior of national representatives even in the face of high legislative discipline? We address this question by estimating the exogenous causal effect of gubernatorial […]

Latin American Party Systems

H. Kitschelt, K. Hawkins, J.P. Luna, G. Rosas and E. Zechmeister, Latin American Party Systems, Cambridge University Press, 2010.