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Thursday, October 20

1:00Welcome RemarksNadia GhasediOlin Library 142
1:05Reading of excerpt from Odile Hellier’s forthcoming memoir about The Village Voice Bookshop in Paris Crystal AlbertsOlin Library 142
1:20Screening of “3 from a Play” – a short film by Matthew GaddisOlin Library 142
1:45Roundtable 1 – Gaddis’s Unpublished Writing Ali Chetwynd, Jeffrey Severs, Crystal AlbertsOlin Library 142
2:45William Gaddis Papers Open House and “Valuable Dregs” Exhibit ViewingJoel MinorOlin Library Mendle & Ginkgo Rooms
3:45Break / walk to Holmes Lounge
4:00Keynote – New Directions for Gaddis ScholarshipSteven MooreHolmes Lounge
5:00Readings – Authors Reading and Discussing GaddisRick Moody, Nick Sullivan, Joy WilliamsHolmes Lounge
6:30Reception and book salesHolmes Lounge

Friday, October 21

Time Event Presenters Location
9:00Panel 1 – Historical Gaddis & Literary GaddisAli Chetwynd, Ted Morrissey, David Ting Olin Library 142
10:30BreakOlin Library
10:45Panel 2 – Justice and the Modalities of the Gaddis UniverseFabrizio Ciccone, Ryan Hacek, Jeffrey SeversOlin Library 142
12:15LunchOn your own
1:15Panel 3 – Greater Precision On Gaddis’s Form & TechniqueMarie Fahd, Martin Klebes, John SoutterOlin Library 142
2:45Roundtable 2 – Publishing in the Innovative Tradition:
a Conversation
Danielle Dutton, Edwin Frank, Martin RikerOlin Library 142
3:45BreakOlin Library
4:00Art presentationsSaloon Wars (music), Depot Tavern (visual art), J R (play), Gaddis Retyped (visual art)Olin Library 142
5:00Roundtable 3 – Artists Inspired by Gaddis’s WorkDavid Bird, Edward Holland, Thomas Verstraeten and Stef Aerts, Tim YoudOlin Library 142

Saturday, October 22

Time Event Presenters Location
9:00Panel 4 – Gaddis and LanguagePaul Ingendaay, Jim Gauer, Matt ClemmerWilson 214
10:45Panel 5 – Global GaddisYonina Hoffman, Francine Osaki, Jack WilliamsWilson 214
12:15LunchWilson (catered box lunch)
1:15Roundtable 4 – Gaddis & positionality & marginalized identitiesJeff Jackson, Rone Shavers, Jacob SingerWilson 214
2:15Wrap-up / discussion on future Gaddis-scholar projects and collaborationsWilson 214