Fall 2024

390: Immersive Story Studio

Wednesdays 4–6:50pm, Mallinckrodt 101

Listed under “Drama” as L15 390 at courses.wustl.edu.

Professor Hunter wearing a HoloLens and holding a skull with a text bubble that reads "Counts as HUM credit!"

This studio seminar blends immersive media, theatrical practice, and agile workflows. Topics include spatial computing/AR/VR/ XR, immersive theatre, and theme parks. Students will investigate how the affordances of each mode reveals hidden layers of familiar stories. For their course-long project, students will choose a famous story and (in teams or solo) radically adapt it into a showable outcome for their portfolios, such as an app, object, performance, installation, or marketing activation. Tech skills are welcome but not required. Students will learn to envision gloriously and scope effectively as they describe or build their critically engaged project.

557: Project-based Learning in Theatre and Performance Studies Pedagogy

Wednesdays 8:30–11:20PM, Mallinckrodt 326 (Carson Room)

Listed under “Drama” as L15 557 at courses.wustl.edu

This seminar introduces students to curriculum development and teaching strategies for theatre and performance studies in high school and undergraduate classrooms. Students will explore skills-based and theoretical approaches to developing critically reflective, equity-minded, and project-based pedagogical practices. Over the semester, students will prepare a teaching portfolio with a syllabus, lesson plans, assignments, and a statement of teaching philosophy.