We investigate palaeoshores and palaeolandscapes of south-eastern Sicily searching for open air and underwater sites to trace early human dispersal into the Island.

Because of their topography the limestone shores of the province of Siracusa are the perfect spot to search for early traces of human dispersal both on land and underwater.


EOS contributes to our understanding of the local and global pattern, timing, and mode of dispersal of Homo sapiens, and advances our knowledge of human-environment dynamics on large island settings, traditionally considered as ‘natural laboratories’.

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    Ilaria Patania

    Ilaria Patania


    I am a prehistorian specializing in environmental archaeology. I am interested in multi-proxy environmental reconstructions to contextualize how humans negotiated with their environments especially in situations of precarious stability as it is the case for islands, deserts or glacial times.

    Christian  Tryon

    Christian Tryon


    Christian is a Paleolithic archaeologist with an interest in stone tools, geoarchaeology, the reconstruction of ancient landscapes, and the use of a variety of archives to understand the past.

    Isaac Ogloblin Ramirez

    Isaac Ogloblin Ramirez

    Isaac investigates the application of micro-geoarchaeology to the study of underwater sites. His research focuses on the interpretation of human behaviors associated with marine environments.

    Sebastiano Di Mauro

    Sebastiano Di Mauro

    Jano is a dive master with decades experience in diving and sailing off the eastern coast of Sicily.



    Zahra likes to survey the coastline and inspect caves


    We collaborate with local research institutes, public bureaus, and non profit organizations


    This project is possible thanks to generous funding from several bodies and the support of Italian and Sicilian governmental bodies.

    The Leakey Foundation

    The Rust Family Foundation

    The Archaeological Institute of America