The EGSC is an annual student-run conference that has been held every fall semester since 2006 by the Department of Economics at Washington University in St. Louis.

Previous conferences have received over 300 submissions of which around 60 students are invited to present their current research in different economic fields of study.


The goal of the conference is to provide graduate students from all fields of economics an opportunity to present their work in front of their fellow students from across the country.

We expect students who are going to the job market this year as well as those in earlier stages of their research to benefit from this opportunity.

Douglass North Honorary Lecture

Sponsored by the Economics Department, attendees of the EGSC will have the opportunity to attend the Douglass North Honorary Lecture and interact with our invited guest.

Previous speakers include Amir Sufi, Daron Acemoglu, Ivan Werning, V.V. Chari, Drew Fudenberg, Oliver Hart, James Heckman, Boyan Jovanovic, Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, Charles Manski, Costas Meghir, Thomas Sargent, Robert M. Townsend, Laura Veldkamp and Randall Wright.

The 2024 Douglass North Honorary Lecture will be given by Yuliy Sannikov of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Past Conferences

An archive of past programs and a photo gallery is available here.