The Economic Theory Center serves to support research at WUSTL in economic theory. It does so by sponsoring research-related activities such as outside speakers, visitors, and conferences, as well as promulgating research conducted by center members. There are many topics in economic theory supported by the Center, including game theory, decision theory, behavioral economics, general equilibrium theory, and mechanism design. The Center is an interdisciplinary unit drawing members from both the Olin Business School and Arts & Sciences, and includes macroeconomists and experimentalists as well as economic theorists.

We also support experimental research especially experiments linked to economic theory. In 2009 we completed the Missouri Social Science Experimental Laboratory (MISSEL) and began conducting experiments there in the spring of 2010. Through the generous support of the Weidenbaum Center and the School of Arts & Sciences, we expect MISSEL to become one of the leading experimental labs in the country, helping us to push the boundaries of economic theory to new heights.

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