Service is a mindset here at WUSM. It’s in the personal missions that we have given ourselves, as evidenced by phrases like “doing the smallest good” or “serving others with empathy or humility,” in response to our “What My White Coat Means to Me” event. It’s built into the framework of the curriculum through programs such as WUMP and selectives, where students spend afternoons and weekends in high schools and student-run clinics. Service, as a value and an act, is also present in the ways our classmates fill in when other classmates are sick, or in the baked goods we share in the carrel kitchen. Despite the variety of reasons why people choose WashU, there’s a sense of care here that is shared among all. (Monica L., M1)

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Monica Lim

Section Editor & Photographer

I grew up in Piney Woods of East Texas and made my way to Washington University to study biology and urban studies. I loved being here so much that I decided to renew my lease. Ask me about living in St. Louis, running in Forest Park, taking photos, or finding time for reading in med school.